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Three Need-to-Knows about Native American Petroglyphs and Pictographs

Images of Native American petroglyphs and pictographs are everywhere.  They are on t-shirts, mugs, blankets, company logos, hats, hoodies....there's literally no end to where they are exploited.  As a concerned Tribal member and a Tribal archaeologist, I work with these sacred images and see the physical natural and cultural impacts first-hand.  Based on what I have witnessed over there years, there's a need for some educating around here.  Here are three things that need to get straightened out when we talk about petroglyphs/pictographs.   1. "Art" Petroglyphs/pictographs are not art.  They are sacred images that represent significant cultural themes, messages, beliefs to a Tribe.  They were not created for aesthetic purposes.  They were created to teach, warn, or record those not yet...

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Ethics with an Asterisk: Anthropology's Conditional Respect of American Indians

There still remains a group of Anthropologists who obsess over the peopling of the Americas.  Popular media soaks these published theories up and wrings them out upon the uneducated masses who use said articles as biblical text written to justify Manifest Destiny.  These publications have tremendous impacts on the resource rights of Tribes and often times are undermined by new theories.  Yet, little has been done to rectify failed theories or criticize failed theorists. Popular media ignores instances where scientists have been wrong and cost Tribes access to their resources.  In a world so quick to call out every nuance of celebrity behavior, there seems to be a double standard in coverage of failed academic "discoveries".  Academia has had significant impacts on...

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The Extraordinary Contribution of Women in Plateau Societies: An Examination by a Plateau Anthropologist

Overall, there was a heavy communal aspect in Plateau societies that is unparalleled and difficult to understand in western terms.  Academia has done little to shed truth on these roles, as academics have failed to grasp concepts....

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