Hello!  Welcome to Native Anthro, a Native-owned, Native-operated business by an enrolled Native Archaeologist and Ethnographer.  The goal of Native Anthro is to provide customers with a tangible connection to the places they live.  This is done through research conducted by someone who has decades of experience providing archaeological and ethnohistorical reports to tribal, local, state, and federal agencies. In that time I have learned the power of place and the value of knowing the history behind where I live and where my ancestors are from.  I have found that history is brutal, beautiful and powerful.  Every human being that exists is part of this history and as it has been taught to me by my elders, it is important that we understand where we come from and pay respect to those places.  The land is sacred and we are all part of the land.  Anthropology has been my vehicle for a deeper understanding of culture, what drives people to do what they do, and, most importantly, where they do those things.  It has been my sole responsibility as an Archaeologist to protect those places for the benefit of those not yet born and it is my hope to share a personalized piece of history to you.  

I plan on providing a blog per week discussing various topics relative to the understanding of culture, land, and the resources.  Please join our email list.

Thank you (Kwathlanushamash)


Jon Shellenberger

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  • I am proud to be a native to see and hear that my brother and sisters are making a difference

    Monica Medina

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