Lead By Tradition Tote Bag

Lead By Tradition Tote Bag

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The strongest forms of leadership are those bound by traditions. Enjoy artwork by the owner of Native Anthro, an enrolled Yakama from Toppenish, WA.  This is our most popular style bag and when you get yours, you will know why.  It holds everything, the colors come out beautifully and you will stand out in a crowd with this bag.  Be prepared to answer a lot of people about where you got this bag.  

*Dimensions: 12.20"(L) x 5.91"(W) x 12.60"(H) x 10"(Hand Drop).

*One main compartment, big enough to bring purse, cosmetic case, sunglasses, etc.

*Constructed with interior pockets all the way around, small items easy to find.

*Comfortable and sturdy portable belt.