Legends of the Living Room 4: Connections

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Legends of the Living Room 4: Connections

Legends of the Living Room 4. The Legends of the Living Room series was started for my three kids about 4 years ago. The series honors their imaginations and perspectives about the their little worlds. This is the fourth installment in that series.

This piece recognizes our connection with the natural world. If we look at material culture across the US and Canada, we would be hard to find any piece of clothing or accessory that didn't derive from the water. Shells are everywhere! The mermaid is holding a string of dentalium which was once native to the Pacific Coast of US and Canada. Natives would have to dive to the ocean floor and use rake the sand to gather this precious shell. Dentalium continues to have value amongst Indigenous peoples having spread across the Northwest Coast to Plateau and eventually Plains tribes precontact. People often wonder how our ancestors first started utilizing or harvesting specific things.  The answer is quite simple and all one has to do is study the behaviors of our animal relatives. When we didn't have answers for things, the animals and living beings provided guidance. This relationship is represented in the communication between the mermaid and the otter.

The print is a high-quality print.  They measure 8 inches x 10 inches and are packaged in white artboard and a clear bag. Supplies are very limited.