Woman and Child Fine Art Print

Native Anthro

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Woman and Child Fine Art Print

Our elders tell us that no one is born understanding everything they need to know in life. It is our responsibility to learn what is necessary to survive and protect our resources include the land, air, water, natural, cultural resources and of course our fellow human beings. Our women keep the belly buttons, wear plumes, or wear their babies first moccasins on their belts. Those are just some of the ways our women show what they have achieved in their life. Each one of us carry things to mark significant events in our life. Having a child has taught me so much more about this life then I knew before. There are legends, rock formations and petroglyphs that speak to this. This piece comes from this understanding.

The print is a high-quality giclee print on photographic paper.  They measure 8 inches x 10 inches and are packaged in white artboard and a clear bag. Supplies are very limited.

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