About Native Anthro

White Salmon River



Native Anthro is a Native-owned, Native-operated business specialized in providing customers with personalized pieces of wearable history.  With 20 years of experience working with Tribes in the Pacific Northwest, JD Olney Shellenberger (Yakama) has been conducting archaeological and ethnohistorical investigations for local, federal, state and tribal entities.  In that time the most reoccurring theme that continues to resonate is the human connection to the power of significant places. Jon holds a Bachelor's or Science in Anthropology and  Master's of Science in Cultural Resource Management, both achieved at Central Washington University.

"Human beings are an equal part of the ecosystem and there are connections we make that science hasn't been able to capture in its entirety.  People return to these powerful places either out of tradition or gravitate towards them for reasons they may not understand.  I believe it is important for anyone to understand the history of a place, whether it is where they come from or where they live now.  There is true meaning in understanding the land upon which we live.  I would like to share that with others because they are now a part of that history."

  --Jon Shellenberger