So, This is Love Blanket

Native Anthro

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So, This is Love Blanket

Artwork by the owner of Native Anthro. Ledger is the marriage license of my grandfather Peter Olney and grandmother Marie Olney who were married in Tacoma. There rings were from Sear's and Roebuck. My grandfather's feet hurt all day and didn't know why. He had napped on the bus ride from Yakima to Tacoma, and was woken up when they arrive to the bus station. He quickly put his shoes back on and he and my grandmother rushed out of the bus. He later discovered that he put his shoes on backwards and that's what was killing his feet. Against the wishes of their families, they eloped and were married in 1946 with the Justice of the Peace. They were married for 50 years until my grandfather passed on in 1996. They stuck together through thick and thin, had four children and lots of grandkids.


Machine wash cold on gentle.  Do not dry clean. 

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